Spare Change

HFCU Spare Change is a savings tool that will help you establish good savings habits!

Put Your Spare Change to Good Use!

HFCU Spare Change is designed to help you save for that rainy day, larger purchases, retirement, or any savings goal you might set.

Spare Change requires little effort to start saving.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll in HFCU Spare Change – To enroll now, click the button below or you may visit any of our branch locations or phone our Information Center at (812) 253-6928 Option 1 to enroll with your checking account. You may enroll multiple accounts.
  2. Each consumer debit card purchase tied to your checking account will round to the nearest dollar and the difference will be transferred into a designated savings account. Eligible savings accounts include Primary Shares, Prime Performance, Clubs, and Registries.
  3. The Credit Union will aggregate the rounded amounts from your consumer debit card purchases that post to your checking account each day and make a single transfer at or near the end of each day.
  4.  If on any day you do not have sufficient available funds in your checking account, the HFCU Spare Change Transfer will not occur for that day.
  5. There are no maximum amounts of purchases or change deposits per day/month.
  6.  The Credit Union reserves the right to cancel or modify the HFCU Spare Change Program at any time.  All other terms, agreements and disclosures apply.  See your account agreement for any additional terms and conditions regarding your account.