Introducing eSign

Introducing eSign

Heritage Federal Credit Union is excited to bring you the latest technological advancement in signing loan documents – eSign!

eSign is an electronic signature, or eSignature, that HFCU members can use for electronically signing a loan document.

eSign allows us the ability to send loan documents securely to a member via email to obtain signatures required for opening a new loan.  It allows us to ID the member before they access the loan documents, and provides a finished copy of the loan documents to the member and the credit union as well.

With eSign, you can:

Signing a loan document with eSign is easy.  Recipients of a loan document click a link to open the loan documents on an internet-enabled device (like a mobile phone, tablet, or computer).  Tabs and simple instructions guide the user through the signing process, even adopting an electronic signature.  The recipient clicks Finish to save the signed loan document.

Now, HFCU members can use eSign to complete loan approvals and loan agreements in hours—not days—from anywhere on any internet-enabled device. This great new technology is more convenient, eliminating the need to physically come into the branch when signing loan documents. Loans will now be able to be processed quicker which puts the money in your hands much faster.

We have already received some very positive feedback from members who have used eSign for closing their loans!

Main Branch – Newburgh, IN – “We had a set of members that called in wanting to know our rates.  They had recently just bought a new truck and financed it through another institution.  After speaking with them and processing the application we were able to save them over $6,200.00 in interest over the course of their remaining term.  The hard part was their work schedules.  With the help of eSign, we were able to close the loan electronically while they both were at work and mail the check out that day.  The members were very pleased at how convenient and easy the loan process was and how quickly they were able to start saving money!”

For support, please call 812-253-6928.