Hidden Credit Card Perks

Q:  Credit Cards have some obvious benefits but are there others that may not be so obvious?
A:  When most people think of credit card benefits or perks, they think of low interest rates and rewards. Heritage Federal Credit Union has some of the lowest rates and best rewards in our market. While these benefits are great all by themselves, our credit cards come with additional perks that cardholders may not be aware of. Taking advantage of these perks can help our cardholders get more out of their HFCU credit card and could save them quite a bit of money in the process.

Q:  Are there travel benefits to your members’ credit cards?
A:  Yes, there are a couple of travel benefits available on our HFCU cards. The first benefit is called Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver. This is reimbursement for damage due to collision or theft up to the actual cash value of most rental vehicles. It is secondary insurance, meaning reimbursement for damages for those not paid by any other party like the car rental company or the card holder’s regular auto insurance company. It’s nice for our cardholders to know they have a policy in place to cover any gaps in their insurance. Visa’s policy will cover eligible collisions if they get in an accident and vehicle theft if they rent a vehicle in their home country and it gets stolen. There are some types of “expensive or exotic automobiles” such as a Porsche, a vintage (20+ years old) or a van that transports more than 8 people that the waiver doesn’t apply to.

The other travel benefit that our HFCU cards carry is Travel Accident Insurance. HFCU cardholders and their family members receive travel accident insurance coverage when they purchase travel with their Visa credit card. And if paid for in advance, they will also be covered traveling to and from the airport terminal. Benefits include a minimum of $250,000, in the event of accidental death or dismemberment or when a qualifying fare such as airline, train or bus tickets, is charged to their HFCU Visa credit card.

Q:  Are there any new perks that HFCU has added lately to their HFCU Visa cards?
A:  Yes, we have added a new FREE benefit called Price Protection. This brand new benefit, which we began offering last month, is available on our Instant Issue Visa cards MyChoice, MyChoice+plus, MyPreferred, MyPreferred+plus, and our HELOC Visa card. Price protection is a free coverage that protects our members and saves them money. If a member makes a purchase with a qualifying HFCU VISA card, and then locates an advertisement for the identical item at a lower cost within 60 days of the original purchase price, Price Protection will refund the difference between the original purchase price and the advertised lower price, up to $500 per claim and up to $2,500 a year per cardholder. Members using these qualifying cards have no additional paperwork to fill out to be covered. They’re already enrolled in this FREE coverage and are ready to save money. This benefit can save our cardholders money especially on large ticket items such as TV’s, appliances, home furnishings, etc.

Price Protection makes making a claim easy, just call the claim center and fill out the form that is sent. There are some restrictions on covered products; these restrictions can be viewed at www.hfcu.info/credit-cards/price-protection/.

Q:  These are great perks that could save your cardholders quite a bit of money.  Is there anything else that your cards offer as a benefit?
A:  In these days of data breaches at retail merchants and other online providers resulting in stolen or compromised card information, HFCU’s Visa cards offer Zero Liability protection. Zero Liability protects against unauthorized charges made with a cardholder’s account information. With the Visa Zero Liability policy, our cardholders’ liability for unauthorized transactions is $0—they pay nothing. In the event that any HFCU cardholder experiences unauthorized transactions, they should notify HFCU immediately of any unauthorized use. Once an unauthorized transaction covered by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy has been reported, HFCU will investigate so our cardholder can have the issue corrected quickly.