UPDATE – Compatibility of Android OS 9 with HFCU Mobile App

There is currently a new mobile app update for HFCU Mobile available in the Google Play Store for Android devices. All members accessing HFCU Mobile from an Android device will need to complete this update to ensure compatibility with Android’s new operating system Android OS 9 (Pie). Some Android devices may experience an issue with logging into HFCU Mobile if they are running Android OS 9 Pie and have not yet downloaded this update from the Google Play Store. We encourage all Android device users to download the update for HFCU Mobile from the Google Play Store as soon as possible to avoid service interruptions.

If you are still experiencing issues logging into HFCU Mobile from an Android device after performing this update, please call us at 812.253.6328 Option 1. Also, you may access your HFCU accounts electronically through our online banking system at www.hfcu.info.