My Finance

Heritage Federal Credit Union (HFCU) has the My Finance Tool in Online & Mobile Banking. HFCU My Finance is an online & mobile tool to track and monitor your savings and spending.  Now, it’s easy to manage money, monitor spending and actually see where your money goes. If you want to save money, improve financial health and make financial management easier, this is great news for you.

  • Sync accounts with nearly 17,000 financial institutions including insurance companies, retirement brokers, etc.

  • Get your complete financial picture.

  • Tag transactions to understand spending habits.

  • Make informed choices with the cash flow calendar.

  • Visually track your progress, reach financial goals quicker and easier.

Add a Goal & Stay on Track

HFCU My Finance makes it simple to stay on track. Set goals, and maintain your finances responsibly.

Step 1: Select “Add A Goal” on the goal dashboard.
Step 2: Select your desired pay off or savings goal.
Step 3: Fill in the required information.
Step 4: Click the “Create” button to complete the process of adding a new goal.

Keep in mind, your Goal Summary at the bottom of the page will update your completion date and the amount needed per month according to your preferences in the form.

Goals will automatically update your progress and will reflect your day-to-day account balances.


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