Kirby Kangaroo Movie Club


Kirby Kangaroo Club Members will have an opportunity to receive free movie tickets!

 How Does it Work?

Visit a branch to pick up a Kirby Kangaroo Movie Club Card.

A stamp will be received for each $10 deposited into your savings account. There are 5 stamps per card (5 stamps equaling $50 deposited).

Once the Kirby Kangaroo Movie Club Card is filled, complete the contact information section and return the card to a branch.

You will then receive your free Showplace Cinemas movie ticket in the mail!*

Kirby Kangaroo Movie Club members will also receive a free stamp on their birthday!

Don’t Have a Kirby Kangaroo Club Account?

Kirby Kangaroo Club accounts are a great and fun way to learn about money and the benefits of saving.

Opening a Kirby account is easy! To learn more about the Kirby Kangaroo Club.

You can also follow Kirby and all of his adventures on his Facebook page!

Program Rules: Kirby Kangaroo Club Member will receive an initialed box for each $10 deposited into their Kirby primary share savings account. (5 initialed boxes equaling $50 deposited). A maximum of eight tickets can be earned within a calendar month. If a withdrawal from the account has occurred within the past 90 days, the current deposit is ineligible for an initialed box on the Kirby Movie Club card. Program and rules subject to change without notice. A 1099 form may be issued by HFCU. Deposits must be made in person at a branch (drive-thru deposits are not eligible). ACH transfers from other external or HFCU accounts are not eligible.
*Please allow 3-4 weeks for ticket delivery.