Kirby Kangaroo Movie Club

Kirby Kangaroo Club Members will have an opportunity to receive free movie tickets!

 How Does it Work?

Visit a branch to pick up a Kirby Kangaroo Movie Club Card.

A stamp will be received for each $5 deposited into your savings account. There are 5 stamps per card (5 stamps equaling $25 deposited).

Once the Kirby Kangaroo Movie Club Card is filled, complete the contact information section and return the card to a branch.

You will then receive your free Showplace Cinemas movie ticket in the mail!

Kirby Kangaroo Movie Club members will also receive a free stamp on their birthday!

Don’t Have a Kirby Kangaroo Club Account?

Kirby Kangaroo Club accounts are a great and fun way to learn about money and the benefits of saving.

Opening a Kirby account is easy! To learn more about the Kirby Kangaroo Club.

You can also follow Kirby and all of his adventures on his Facebook page!

Program Rules: Kirby Kangaroo Club Member will receive a stamp for each $5 deposited into their savings account. (5 stamps equaling $25 deposited). Funds must remain on deposit for 90 days to be eligible for future movie tickets. Program and rules subject to change without notice. A 1099 form may be issued by HFCU. Deposits must be made in person at a branch. ACH transfers are not eligible.