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Mission: To meet the changing financial needs of our field of membership by providing quality products and services in an efficient, cost-effective manner by knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring employees.

Employee Experience Team: Kevin A., Leann C., Molly E., Kristi E., Kari F., Susan G., Dana G., Nicole H., Rebecca M., Shannan S., Lynsie T., Stacy G., Tabatha B., Corey S., Courtney B., and Amanda L.


Shining STAR Recognition Drawings

Get a Downloadable Star Card here!

Every month we gather recognition cards each of your team members received this month to do the drawing for the month’s winner. Each you have the opportunity to determine your award- a reserved parking space, first person to pick their lunch time, etc. 

Our winners for the month of March are:

  • Admin - Brenda M.
  • Boonville -  
  • Bell Oaks - Emilie G. 
  • Ops 
  • First Ave. -  Toni M. 
  • Henderson -  Terri B.
  • HQ - Amanda L. 
  • Lending Center - Chris H. and Madison B. 
  • Main 
  • Mt. Vernon 
  • Northfield - Jane M. 
  • Vogel -  
  • Washington Ave. -  Chris H. 
  • West 

The following staff were Star Card recipients in March:

  • Ryan A.from Carmen S.
  • Emilie G. from David H.
  • Weston W. from David H.
  • Olivia B. from David H.
  • Jeffery F. 
  • Toni M. from Pam H.
  • Maddy L. from Pam H. 
  • Aaron N. from Pam H.
  • Rachel W. from Amanda L.
  • Jane M. from Larry B. 
  • Nicole H. from Alyssa T.
  • Russ B. from Alyssa T.
  • Terri B. from Amanda L.
  • Amy P. from Corey S.
  • Michelle L. from Terri B.
  • Amy P. from Terri B.
  • Kevin A. from Kristi E.
  • Kristi E. from Kari F.
  • Molly J. from Kristi E.
  • Kristi E. from Joni G.
  • Rachel R. from Leann C.
  • Kristi E. from Rebecca M.
  • Amanda L. from Leann C.
  • Kristi E. from Susan G.
  • Amanda L. from Leah E.
  • Kelly A. from Leann C.
  • Leann C. from Kari F.
  • Charlotte M. from Leann C.
  • Leann C. from Susan G.
  • Charlotte M. from Leann C.
  • Leah E. from Leann C.
  • Margaret L. from Leann C.
  • Seth C. from Leann C.
  • Kimber B. from Leann C.
  • Rick R. from Kari F.
  • Rebecca M. from Kari F.
  • Brenda M. from Tammy H.
  • Brenda M. from Toni M.
  • Ladonna S. from Lynsie T.
  • Ladonna S. from Amanda L.
  • Hayley C. from Nicole H.
  • Cheryl M. from Nicole H.
  • Katrina B. from Nicole H.
  • Sarah R. from Amanda L.
  • Sarah R. from Toni M.
  • Laura S. from Michelle K.
  • Madison B. from Jared V.
  • Chris H. from Jared V. 

Keep giving those recognition cards – you could be the winner next month!

data card machine star card west side


Get a Downloadable Star Card here!

Submit the STAR Card recipients using this form.


Service Awards

Give a big shoutout to these employees for their many years of dedicated service! 

Tracee M. – 15 years

Leann C. – 15 years

Ellen D. – 10 years

Michael D. – 5 years

Taylor D. – 5 years

Keith K. – 5 years

Margaret L. – 5 years

Amy P. – 5 years

Crystal D. – 5 years

Julie F. – 5 years

Chuck L. – 5 years

Sarah R. – 5 years




Milestones & Celebrations

There are no milesstones this month. 

Milestones & Celebrations Form

Complete this form to share your “milestone celebrations” with the HFCU staff! Some examples include, but are not limited to, marriages, births, adoptions, certificate or course completion, CUNA school completion, etc. This information will be shared in the Heritage Herald each month.

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