All former ESB accounts have been transitioned to HFCU accounts. Please use HFCU online and mobile banking to access your accounts. If you need assistance, please call the HFCU information center at (812) 253-6928 or Contact Us here

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Welcome to Heritage Federal Credit Union

We are pleased to welcome ESB customers as new members! HFCU is committed to providing its members with exceptional service, great rates, low or no fees, and local service.

All ESB locations will remain open and are now HFCU branches serving you during normal business hours. The employees you know from ESB are continuing to serve you as employees of HFCU.  

Here's some additional important information about Debit Cards, Online/Mobile Banking, Checks/ACH, Wire Transfers, and Telephone Banking.

Debit Cards

If you had an open/active ESB debit card, you should have received your new HFCU card on or around 5/17/21. Your ESB debit card has been closed and your HFCU debit card has been activated.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW – PLEASE READ: Transactions that were approved over the weekend using your ESB debit card will be posted to your HFCU account. There may be a delay of at least a few days for transactions from the weekend to actually clear your account and your balance may need to be adjusted.

Online/Mobile Banking

To access HFCU online banking and bill pay systems for the first time (on or after 6/1/21), go to At the top of the page enter your new HFCU account number (excluding suffix) in the “Enter Online Banking ID” box and click Login. You will then enter your temporary Online Banking Passcode, which will be: HFCUXXXXXX (the X’s represent the first 6 digits of the primary account holder’s social security number) and click Submit. The system will then walk you through prompts to accept the agreement, setup your challenge questions, and update your username and passcode. Once you have updated your username and passcode, you may then download the HFCU Mobile Banking app from your device’s app store and access HFCU mobile banking using those same credentials.


You may continue to use any ESB checks you still have beyond 6/1/21, although we encourage you to switch over to the complimentary HFCU checks that you will receive as soon as possible since they have your correct HFCU account and routing information. Your ACH transactions previously posting to ESB will continue to post to your HFCU account. We encourage you to reach out to your employer/merchants to update your account information to your HFCU account number immediately following the 6/1/21 conversion of your accounts to HFCU.

Wire Transfers

Following the 6/1/21 conversion of your accounts to HFCU, you can visit any of our 13 branch locations or call our Info Center to request outgoing wire transfers. The cutoff time for outgoing wire transfers is 3:00pm CT for domestic wires and 2:00pm CT for international wires. For incoming wires, you must begin using HFCU’s incoming wiring instructions effective 6/1/21 to avoid having your wire returned to the sender. HFCU’s incoming wiring instructions are as follows:

Receiving Institution:

Name: Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union

City: Indianapolis

State: Indiana

ABA: 271987635

Beneficiary Institution:

Name: Heritage Federal Credit Union

Address: PO Box 189

City: Newburgh

State: Indiana

ABA: 281378108

Final Credit To:

Member Name, Member Account Number, Share/Loan Suffix

Telephone Banking

If you are interested in Telephone Banking, please call (812) 435-1290 or (800) 858-1690 and enter your account # listed above (without the suffix), then the last six digits of the primary account holder’s social security number as the PIN #. You will be prompted from there on how to access your accounts.

More information is available in the Welcome Guide. 

View the Welcome Guide 

Business Banking Welcome

We are excited to have you as a business member of Heritage Federal Credit Union! We are committed to providing our business members with the highest level of service and the most innovative banking products possible. We are very glad to be your financial institution and hope you will take advantage of our wide variety of business savings, checking, electronic banking and loan products, all designed to meet your specific needs.

If you have a business checking account, you can continue to use your current supply of ESB checks. If you have not already, please contact us at (812) 942-0180 or to set up the ordering of your HFCU checks through Deluxe. You are welcome to order different checks on your own from another provider. However, either way, HFCU will assist you with the cost of your check order up to $150.00. We encourage you to switch over to your HFCU checks as soon as possible since they will have correct account and routing information.

Please review the Business Banking FAQs for further instruction on using HFCU's standad online banking and Cash Management Systen.

Each member of our Business Banking team are standing by, ready to help you. If you need further assistance, please call our Business Banking Group at (812) 942-0180 and we will be glad to help in any way that we can.

Products and Services

We will continue to offer similar products and services as ESB and, as a larger institution, HFCU will be able to make some of these products and services availble to you on a larger scale. In addition, HFCU will provide the following new products and services, among others:


Make a deposit, check your balance or get cash almost anywhere, and with no fees. With full-service ATMs at each of our locations and, more than 5,000 Alliance One Network machines, members never have to ask, “Is there an ATM near me?” 

Search Alliance One ATM Locations 

Shared Branching Network

Heritage Federal Credit Union participates in the Shared Branching Network. Meaning you have access to more than 5,000 shared branches nationwide. 

Search the Shared Branching Network 

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