Club Account Rates


Christmas Club Accounts
Effective Date: Monday, May 20th, 2019
Current Dividend RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum Balance to OpenMinimum Balance to Earn APY
0.05%* 0.05% $0.00 $0.00
0.10%* 0.10% $0.00 $10,000.00
0.15%* 0.15% $0.00 $25,000.00

Rates effective as of 1/28/19. Annual Percentage Yields accurate as of stated date and are subject to change. Fees or other conditions could reduce the earnings on these accounts. Rates may change after accounts are open.  Penalties may be imposed for early withdrawals.  For IRA share accounts, until you have reached 59 and ½ years of age, we will require that you give us at least 90 days advance written notice of your intent to withdraw funds.  GPA Account – A penalty of six months dividends, based on current dividend rates, may be imposed on any amount withdrawn before the account has been open for three years unless the funds are used for qualified educational purposes.

*Dividend period – For this account type, the dividend period is monthly, for example, the beginning date of the first dividend period of the calendar year is January 1, and the ending date of such dividend period is January 31. All other dividend periods follow this same pattern of dates. The dividend declaration date is the last day of the dividend period, and for the example above is January 31.

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