Digital Wallet Agreement

You accept full responsibility for making sure that You understand how to access and use the Wallet. You also accept full responsibility for making sure that You know how to properly use Your mobile device and the software that enables You to access the Wallet. We will not be liable to You for any losses, costs or damages caused by Your failure to properly use the Wallet.

The Wallet may have certain security features and procedures to protect against unauthorized use. You agree not to disable any of the security features and procedures designed to safeguard Your Card. If You have any questions, disputes or complaints about the Wallet, You need to contact the Wallet provider directly.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your user IDs and passwords related to the device(s) and Wallet. You agree not to give or make available to any unauthorized individual, Your user ID, password or other means to access Your Wallet. If you permit other persons to use Your Wallet user ID and password, You are responsible for any transactions they authorize.

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